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Cool Packaging for Children

Superdrug Kids Hair Care

This packaging design is sure to go down well with the kids. Each little monster represents the features of the shampoo: a double headed monster for two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, a strawberry monster for strawberry shampoo, a dripping wet monster with three eyes for three-in-one shampoo, conditioner and body wash perfect for after swimming. Kids are bound to adore these loveable monsters and the packaging’s bright colours.




Nom Nom Chocolate

This adorably sweet chocolate packaging will have the little ones grabbing these cute parcels off the shelves. In keeping with the monster theme so far, Nom Nom chocolate has a little monster on each package to distinguish between the variety of flavours. Seeing as these chocolate treats come in small sizes, the parents will love them just as much as the kids!



Burger King’s Create-Your-Own-King Packaging

Made up of three pieces (chips for the head, a drink for the body and a burger for the feet), this concept design for Burger King’s meals will go down fabulously with the children. Not only can they enjoy a meal they’re sure to love, but they can play with the packaging once they’ve finished!




The Natural Confectionery Company

This colourful packaging allows the ingredients to help sell the product. While the majority of the packaging is white to represent the natural products that go into making these sweets, the colours of the confectionery along with the burst of colour from the animals brightens up the packaging and makes it inviting to children and adults alike.




Kandoo’s packaging is fun and specially developed for small hands, therefore the pump takes the shape of a small frog’s head, making it easier for children to push the soap pump. The colour palate of green and purple appeals to both boys and girls and the product allows for small changes to distinguish between shampoo, bodywash and handsoap. The shampoo bottle for example, has soap bubbles on the frog’s head, whereas on the bodywash bottle, the frog is wearing a snorkel.




Coca Cola for Kids

Coca Cola’s concept bottle for children is brightly coloured and covered top to bottom in fun and delighful animal pictures. The bottle also takes into account the small hands that would be opening the product and dons an easy-open cap.




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