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Top 15 Creative Packaging Designs


With the intention to be sold as a pack of four, this creative style of packaging is designed to resemble a whole apple. The packaging clearly demonstrates the contents of the juicy product, and acts as an attractive and clever design!

Southern Belles Musical Beer

This design is as entertaining as it is creative! Acting as a form of entertainment, music and a beverage, this product is one of a kind!

Milk Boxes in Love

This packaging of regular and flavoured milk couldn’t get any cuter! Adding a character to each carton, this product has the capacity to be favoured by children and adults alike. On your next food shopping trip, make sure to buy both – you couldn’t possibly buy one without the other!

Antismoke Pack

This packaging design is extremely different and carries a much stronger message than most cigarette products today. The packaging idea intensifies the fact that smoking is harmful and emphasises the notion that smokers carry this problem with them on a day to day basis.

Coca Cola’s Eco Friendly Design

Check out Coca Cola’s new environmentally friendly packaging! As stated on the can, this product is 100% recyclable and reduces the massive amount of energy used by the company in the painting process of the cans.


Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

This unique packaging ensures that a greedy co-worker or a school bully doesn’t get away with your lunch again! These bags have green marks printed on each side in order to make the contents look spoiled.

Hanger Tea Bags

It’s a wonder nobody has thought of this before! This is an effective and productive way of both storing and using tea bags, which additionally makes use of a variety of colours that refer to different flavours. The t-shirt and hanger design itself is just plain charming!

STR Bottle

This award winning design makes use of UV ink technology to make Heineken’s new beverage come to life. Just in time for the opening hours of nightclubs (that use black lights to brighten up the dancefloor), this design separates itself from any other drink packaging, revealing an illuminated intricate pattern.


NYC Spaghetti

Winning 2nd place in the Dieline Awards, a ceremony dedicated to inventive packaging designs, the NYC Spaghetti has become a famous product worldwide. Not only doe the spaghetti resemble the iconic Empire State Building, but a model of the Chrysler building is used in the bottom of the box to push the spaghetti into its skyscraper position.

Smirnoff Caipiroska: The Peelable Bottle

A number of alcohol companies make use of fruit in their packaging concepts, however, Smirnoff’s new design goes one step further than its competitors. This peelable packaging design demonstrates precisely what flavour is in each bottle, whilst additionally providing the customer with the impression that both the packaging and the ingredients of the beverage are made from natural substances as opposed to being mass produced.

03_30_11_smirnoff3 03_30_11_smirnoff5
The Parmesan Pencil

Different to your regular and rather dull block of parmesan, this product livens up the cheese grating process! Simply take the Parmesan Pencil and sharpen it over your food using the enclosed sharpener. What grate fun!

Nike Stadium Shoe Packaging

With the aim of ‘inspiring football-crazy kids to pursue their dreams of playing professionally’, a limited number of Nike shoeboxes were transformed into football stadiums. By embedding sound chips behind the stadium design of the box, the customer would hear the crowd cheering wildly when the box was opened.

packaging11 (1)
The Cookable Cookbook

This product is truly one of a kind. With the function of reading recipes and filling it with ingredients, the cookbook is made from fresh pasta and can be cooked after used. Designed for a publishing company, the cookbook is packaged as a classic lasagna.

40830985604-1 40830985604-2
The Banana Protector

This simple and effective case ensures that you will never have to eat a battered and bruised banana again. We all know that just one jostle in your bag could ruin your banana eating experience for the day. With the Banana Guard packaging design, this issue will be out of your life forever.

The Butter Spoon

Available in four different flavours this packaging design is an innovative way of allowing its user to spread butter on the go (without having to go in search of a knife/spoon)! Getting rid of the need to carry around extra cutlery, the Butter Spoon is disposable and can additionally be extended to the likes of yoghurt and ice cream too.



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