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Quaker Oats’ Larry – Design Pick of the Week

An old friend has returned looking better than ever! Larry from the Quaker Oats’ packaging (we did some research and we haven’t a clue why he is called Larry) has been the icon for the brand since the 1900’s. He has been through many adaptations over the years and his current one gives him the prestigious status he deserves.


06 18 13 quakeroats 3

Previously, although Larry looked rather jolly his logo as a whole was very blue. The typography is well remembered in the consumers mind as was his old fashioned style of dress. The logo as a whole looked very outdated and plain, making it stick out in a bad way on their product packaging.


06 18 13 quakeroats 4

If it is at all possible, Larry looks even happier than before on his updated logo (and a little skinnier too). The style of which is more regal and simple than the previous one, making it sit better in the modern packaging styles. The typography has kept its basic characteristics whilst still gaining a modern look on the whole. The expansion of Larry’s persona is also obvious as we can now see his shoulders which makes him appear even more like a man we should trust our cereal with.

06 18 13 quakeroats 2

Images from The Die Line

Aside from the brands logo, which has always been an integral part of its identity, the entire product range has had a bit of an update. Modern styles, typography, images and colours have been put in place of boring and outdated ones. The whole brand has been given a lift equal to the size of Larry’s smile. So enjoy your oats everyone!

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