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Forces Sauces

There has been a huge buzz in the last few days around a new product which has charity at the head of its brand and packaging. Forces Sauces is a sauce brand created by Bob Barret, who’s life was turned around by the work of the charity Stoll in 2004. To help the charity gain some income he helped create a the brand which also helps The Royal British Legion.

Image from The Drum

Everything about their packaging design contributes to their fantastic brand image.. The logo, title, typography and colours used all fit in with the forces theme and even the shape of the bottle replicates the silhouette of a soldier.

The product is to hit Tesco stores across the country and the brand hopes to reach other supermarkets in due course. There has been much controversy over the prices however, the products have an rsp of £2.19 however only 6p of this will actually be donated to the charities. This seems surprisingly small and many consumers have implied that they would prefer to stick with their current chosen products and donate in their own way unless this is changed.

It is unclear if the brand are going to re-think this amount after hearing the consumer feedback but we here at PNW hope that this won’t put consumers off buying a product supporting such a respectable cause.

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