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The Die Line Paper Craft Challenge

Recently popular packaging design website The Die Line have been running a challenge to create some great paper craft work. The winner will receive tickets to their conference in San Fransisco. The theme for the competition is Elevate, to encourage designers to elevate their packaging design skills, along with the idea of paper craft and packaging design in general (also coincidentally the name for their packaging design conference). This has created some interesting work and The Die Line has shared the finalists for the public to choose the winners. Here are some of my favourites from the final 9 along with the winner.

Design by David Regier

I love this design as it gets the point across that packaging can be anything, it doesn’t have to be for a product and for its marketing – it can be what we package our own possessions in. I also enjoy the idea that he has used the background to get his message across not just the paper craft its self.

Design by Justin C

I also enjoy this design because it uses a background to get across its message. This time however I am not quite sure what the message is. Paper craft is the perfect way to interact with cows and aliens perhaps? Either way, the abstract element is another reason why I enjoy it so much.


The Winner!

Design by Stephanie Tudtud

This design is definitely deserving of the first spot. It has depth, perspective and an element of detail that we don’t see the same in the others. It also is a quite simple concept which doesn’t use the letters or even the word elevate at all.

What do you think of the finalists? Who was your favourite?


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