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Packaging Design Roundup of the Week!

This week has been great for new packaging design, from well known global brands like The Body Shop to foreign unheard of brands such as Freia Melkebart.

The Body Shop have teamed up with Leona Lewis to create a cruelty free makeup range with some beautiful, feminine design.

Image from Sweet and Bitter

The floral illustrated deer is beautiful and the spring/summer colour scheme really compliments the colours of the products themselves. The whole design is clean, fresh and coherent across all products.

Do not be fooled into thinking that ‘Safeway Select Gelato’ is from the same Safeway that lives somewhere as a faded memory in the back of the minds of those old enough to remember. This is an American company which, by the looks of their packaging design, is still alive and well.

Image from The Die Line

The imagery has had some real thought put into it, the layout and shape combines with where it sits on the packaging and what colour the flavour title is. The coloured lids also really define the flavours. Despite the different imagery, the whole range all looks coherent and the branding and typography works really well to give off that luxury product vibe.

Freia Melkebart is a leading chocolate brand in Norway and they have hit a global trend with this new packaging design. Melkebart means milk mustache and they have taken this directly into their new packaging design.

Image from Scandinavian Design Group

It was an unintentional stumble upon a popular culture trend which has lead to a great marketing campaign and a well loved product. With all the hype around mustaches and with four different styles to choose from you can see why this packaging is great for social media awareness and broadcasting.

There has been a great array of wonderful packaging designs this week and these were only a select few. If you think there are some others worthy of mention then let me know on twitter or Facebook!

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