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What are some fun spring crafts I can do using packaging boxes?

Packaging boxes are among the most versatile – if not the most versatile – of all the packaging materials. Indeed, when you think of packaging supplies, the very first picture that would come to your mind is the image of the box. Indeed, boxes are the most popular of the packaging devices precisely because of the fact that they are very useful for a whole lot of purposes.

Of course, originally, the box was meant to be used as a light to medium packing material which is used for shipping all kinds of goods. The box is used alongside other packing materials like the packing tape and the bubble wraps. The cardboard packing boxes are actually the result of the centuries of evolution and development of human trade and culture. Initially, wooden boxes were used. As packing became more common, traders realized that wooden boxes were too heavy for sending light materials. Thus, they came up with the idea of a cardboard box. Of course, the first boxes are nothing compared with the boxes that we have now.

Easter box

Image from Pinterest

It must be noted, however, that boxes are not only used for packing purposes. As a matter of fact, with a rich imagination, there are a great deal of activities which can see the usefulness of the boxes. With the advent of the spring, it would be very ideal indeed if families are aware of the different indoor or outdoor activities for the entire family.

First, if your children are not fond of enjoying nature, if they have allergies to all things nature, then you would immensely appreciate boxes. Why did we say that? Basically, you can come up with all sorts of toys for your children to be able to have the best kind of fun even without exposing themselves to the elements.

For instance, you can build a fort for your children to play in. Children are an imaginative bunch. They love to play with forts because they can somehow bring to life their most desired characters.

Secondly, even if your children love nature, the boxes can also come in handy. How? If you can build forts inside your home, you can also build one outside. This is even more fun, actually.

Lastly, you can use the boxes as floorings for your tent. The cardboard material can offer an impressive insulation against the cold ground. For a comfortable sleep, it is a good idea to back up your tent with packaging boxes. Of course, you have to tear them apart first.

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