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World Records with boxes

Boxes are great packaging solutions and we always use them. Also boxes can be a lot of fun. Most of us have used boxes as play things as little children. We made things from them or used the boxes just as they were and they were used in great and exciting games. Today people are taking the fun with boxes to another level. People are setting world records that are recognized internationally by just playing around with boxes. Here we will look at some of these records.

Skye Brobeg at Melia Whitehouse Hotel on 15 September 2011 made history when she clocked the fastest time that someone has ever crammed into a box. She made it in an astonishing record time of 4.78 seconds. The box in which Broberg squeezed into has dimensions of 52cm x 45cm x 45cm. The clock that was timing Broberg was stopped once she was completely in the box and the lids were closed. Another fantastic record to be made was that made by Laura D’Asaro and some of her fellow students at Harvard University who built a cardboard box fort made of 1,604 boxes. The display of the fort was at the MAC Quad at the campus. The group made the record in support of recycling.

Another world record that is associated with boxes is one that was set by David Dargary. David, who is four feet and 10 inches, became the tallest man to fit himself into a 20 x 23 inch box. Paul Melia also set a world record when he knocked over 20 pizza boxes using a soccer ball that he threw bowling style. Anna Simon, who is a host at Otra Movida was used as a human cardboard battering ram to knock down 48 cardboard boxes.

Another individual who set a world record using boxes is Kyle Petersen who balanced nine wooden boxes on his chin! The feat was done for a continuous 18.52 seconds while he at the same time was hula hooping. This particular record was set during an event in the Dube Juggling showroom in New York City.

Doug McManaman has two world records set using boxes! He has the record for balancing a recycling box on a pole using his chin for a duration that lasted 1minute and nine seconds. He also has a record of balancing a recycling box on a pole on his chin while walking a distance of 19.16 feet.

Guest Post;

Written by Dan Longman – Digital Marketing Executive at Empire Packaging. Empire stock a range of packaging supplies. Dan enjoys history and technology.

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