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Plastic mailing bags are the ideal water proof solution

Water is one of the basic elements crucial for the survival of all living things. About 70% of the world is covered in water. Man depends on water for many things apart from drinking. Water is used to clean, to farm, to run engines, as a coolant, and for many other uses. Water is a solvent and will dissolve many soluble materials. Water exists in three states, ice, liquid and vapour. The liquid and vapour states make it penetrate the tightest places. This makes it hard to control and restrict. Many things will be destroyed or will change form when they come in contact with water and hence it is vital to protect them from water. Plastic mailing bags are a good way to protect items from being destroyed by water.

It is the nature of water to flow from regions of high concentration to regions of low concentration and the water will utilise any chance to flow to areas of low concentration. Water will take advantage of the smallest gaps in a container to seep through. The plastic that is used in the making of plastic mailing bags does not change form when it comes in contact with water, it is not soluble and is impermeable to water and vapour. This plastic is a very hardy material that will not break easily. The nature of the work the plastic bags are subjected to can be rough and the bags will be exposed to extreme forces that will easily tear weaker materials, the kraft plastic will however not tear. Extreme compression forces may also cause some packages to burst but plastic mailing bags are made to be mostly seamless and will withstand the forces and will not burst.

Plastic mailing bags do not only prevent water from seeping into the bag but will also contain any liquids within. There are many instances when liquids or goods with wetness need to be packaged, the plastic mailing bags will come in handy. An example of such items is foodstuffs. Foodstuffs such as fish can be packaged in plastic mailing bags The fish can be packed in the bags together with ice cubes that surround the fish to preserve it in its fresh state. People also reuse the plastic mailing bags to dispose food leftovers and other home waste that may have wetness. The bags are strong and are puncture free; mild pokes will not penetrate the bag thereby maintaining the bag’s waterproof state.

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