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How Times Change – Pringle’s Style

Packaging for our well known household brands has been around as long as the products themselves and for some of the older ones, the transformation from their beginnings until now are amazing. Some of the products have even retained their original characters, for example the mustached Pringle’s man, although changing through the years has always been a key feature of their packaging.

Vintage Packaging Design Inspiration

Image from abduzeedo

Above is an older version of the classic Pringle’s tube. The basic tube build is the same as the current one, a metal tube with a thin paper label covering the entire thing along with a plastic lid. The graphic design of the packaging has, although not a million miles away, definitely progressed over the years. The classic red of their basic flavour has been kept the same and the memorable mustached character has stuck around to become an iconic part of their brand image and still today keeps their many flavours coherent. The typography is in the popular style of the time and even the plastic lid has the product name printed on it, unlike those seen today. The description of the crisp is ‘new fangled’ in reference to the shape however as the consumer has become familiar with them over the years this description is no longer applicable.

Image from Google

The modern packaging clearly shows that our mustached friend has had an update, with a bigger mustache and a smaller bow tie the red colour is key along with the words ‘The Original’. The typography has had an update and now shows something more on the modern side with imagery that has been clearly edited. to put emphasis on the curved shape of the crisp. Overall despite having had an update these packages look startlingly similar.

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