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Creative packaging designers use shrink-wrap as a new decorative idea

Shrink wrap art, “Duck Decoys” by Mark Jenkins. Image source.

We all encounter shrink-wrap on a day-to-day basis, and maybe some of us don’t know what it is. The items we buy usually come packaged in some way, wrapped in a tight plastic seal that holds everything together and keeps our goods compact and safe. Effective wrapping is important and helpful to us in our everyday lives. And when you’re thinking about sending something in the post, have you thought about the different ways you can wrap and package it?

There are many creative ways to package things, from bright colours to soft textures to customizable text; you can have fun with your packaging and give your friends and family something exciting to unwrap.

Tight seal plastic wrapping is always boring, we see it around all of the new things we buy, but is there a creative plastic wrap that is fun and attractive? Packaging designers have started incorporating fun designs into the simple plastic wraps, bringing in colour and decorations to some of the everyday items we buy and love.

Maybe you’ve noticed it already; hot pink wrapping, text or images, or even wrapping with texture. Sometimes it’s hard to be creative with someone that seems so boring, but still there are ways to attempt the challenge.

At first, tight plastic wrap was used as a protective seal, simply for protection and no other reason, but now, things are more stylish and visually pleasing. Tight seals can be more than protective gear for new items; it can be quirky and fun too! We always like to buy items that attract our attention, and maybe creative wrapping is a new tactic to grab our attention!

Not everyone can use their own tight plastic wrap at home, since it takes some special tools to really seal an object air tight and compact, but there are some companies that can do it for you! Is there anything you want to wrap up anyway? Maybe you’re sending a gift to someone through the mail and you want to make sure it stays intact, well maybe plastic wrapping it could be the right choice! Choose from different colours or designs, and maybe even customize your own wrap! Go visit a packaging shop and see what they offer for a wrap up, and send your friends something new and exciting to open.

You can easily make something boring into something unique, sometimes with the simplest changes. Trying out new styles of shrink-wrap and packaging could make your gift giving and shopping much more fun and interesting.

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