Me In A Glass

20 Nov

Designed by Alberto Pangaro in collaboration with POST design agency these glasses are entirely handmade and completely unique. Each set of glasses is made with a particular theme in mind using the shape of glass and the set of colours the maker deems appropriate. Because each set of glasses is completely unique, they have created packaging to reflect that.

Each of these glass collections directly ties in with the packaging created for them. The outer packaging bag is completely re-usable, with a re-sealable opening it is made from durable plastic and would be great for storing other items that belong in the kitchen or general bits and bobs.

The huge range of packaging designs for just these products is incredible and it appears as though each set has been custom made for an unsuspecting person in the universe. The use of popular culture from around the world, a wide range of different fonts combined with images and backgrounds to make unique designs is incredible. Many of the images and phrases used are from popular culture around the world, depicting trends in societies likes and dislikes when it comes to food, TV, music, the environment and other media.

Both the packaging and the products are incredibly special and are an amazing example of packaging and product design.

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20 Nov

Turnstyle are a design company I stumbled upon recently (no really stumbled upon, not using the web tool). They do work on brand and product identity, web and interactive design, print design and retail and packaging design. They have created some excellent pieces of packaging, here are a few of my favourite.

They teamed up with Nordstrom Hosiery to produce some elegant packaging designs. The packaging has a very relaxed approach without an abundance of information on the front of the packaging, leaving the image of the product relatively unaffected allowing the focus to remain on the product it’s self and the brand name.

I also really enjoy their work with Julep the cosmetics company. The entire range has simple packaging with only the necessary information upon it. It also has an example of how the product will come out of its packaging, kept in the same black and white style the silhouettes look far more exciting than they actually are. The overall theme of the range shows a sophisticated product with a simple colour scheme uniting all it’s products.

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Interesting Boxes

16 Nov

In gift wrapping, eCommerce and commercial packaging they are always looking to find something to excite the consumer. Whether that’s a new box shape or a cool pattern or concept to go across their packaging – there is always something new around the corner. Whoever is behind the creation of ‘box‘ packaging in these sectors however appears to have gone a little crazy as the ordinary shaped box seems to have take a turn for the extraordinary.

The normal, 6 sides, 8 corners flat edges and altogether quite uniform design of the box has always worked well. Packaging designers have changed the width, depth, length, opening methods and outside appearance of the ordinary box to their hearts content but apparently this was not enough. There have appeared several different takes on the cardboard box that cannot really be described as one, all the same they are great creative pieces of design.

Gift Box /Packaging

Source: Split Coast Stampers

A gift box that is also, a tortoise. With many sides and a great amount of decoration including colour, pattern and ribbon this gift box is definitely extraordinary. Probably not the best item to try and ship however it would make a good and very interesting resent for young children or those what are particularly fond of tortoises.

Egg Box packaging via dieline

Source: The Die Line

Alright, I will admit that an egg box does differ from an ordinary box in the first place but this, is certainly neither an egg box, nor an ordinary box. What it is however, is only slightly cleverer that an egg box, whilst being twice as awkward. The long shape makes it simultaneously harder and easier to fit it into a fridge and while the materials are easily recyclable, they do leave your eggs exposed and much more likely to break.


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Bruketa&Žinić OM

15 Nov

Foreign design companies are incredibly interesting as they and the products they produce have a different take on design. It is interesting to see the similarities and differences between foreign and British design. This particular design agency covers a wide range of services including logo design, brand identity and packaging.


Each of Jaffo’s products has been given a personality with a different pair of glasses and a different mouth, the company even took the brand as far as to create t-shirts of each of the face designs!


A t-shirt brand that they have created characters for, again using cute personalities to build the brand. The packaging has been kept simple and shows the characters, using unusual shapes to generate more interest.





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Re-inventing Normal

15 Nov

In terms of design, packaging these days is generally all the same of very similar. Packaging designers are very conscious of re-inventing the wheel and rightly so, consumers are used to the way packaging works. There are however, some designs that are very thought provoking in their differences to the ‘normal’. Whether these differences are a positive step forward or a pointless change is for you as the consumer to decide.

Tshirt packaging.

Source: Johnny Cupcakes

Believe it or not this packaging is for a t-shirt. This t-shirt brand made a name for itself by being different with its name and designs and as it has expended – it has created packaging that is alternative too.

Gli insolenti. Jewels packaging.

Source: Elena Salmistrado

Another alternative brand, a jewelery designer who prefers to put her products in jars. This keeps them safer than most modern Jewelery packaging.

matches package.

Source: Boy Burns Barn

In the past there have only ever been two match container designs that have been available, the box and the book. This new design almost seems a breath of fresh air after those that have come before it.

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How to efficiently pack your removal boxes

14 Nov

When packing removal boxes, one should try and pack as much as possible into medium sized boxes.These are the most important moving boxes one can use for moving and storing. This is because smaller moving boxes are easier to lift and move quickly. They can hold a lot of items, yet will not get too heavy. Bigger boxes should be used to move the larger lightweight items like pillows.

Whilst packing, the items should go into the smallest box that they can fit into. This will minimise the movement of the items within the box hence avoid damaging the items. It is prudent to use boxes of the same size as much as possible as this will make arranging/ stacking the boxes neater and in the end occupy less space. If the transit is by vehicle, fewer trips will be made and minimise costs.

Bubble wrap or newspapers should be used when packing fragile items. However, newsprint may leave prints and should be used carefully. After packing the removal boxes, the voids within the boxes should be filled up to avoid luggage movement. These can be done using: bubble wrap, foam, packing peanuts, air pillows, packing paper, wood wool or anything else that will fill the spaces.

When packing, one should only use certified 32 ETC moving boxes,the ETC label on the bottom of the moving box means that the moving boxes are designed to be stacked and stored in a moving truck without collapsing. The “32″ refers to the weight that they can support. Most boxes that are purchased at the local store are not designed for moving. 32 lbs of weight should not be exceeded in each box.

For better organization, the boxes are labelled according to their contents and their destination. Boxes should also be marked “Fragile” and “This side up” to prevent mishandling. The labelling can be made distinct by marking on the sides too. When packing the boxes, the heavy items are placed at the bottom, medium-weight items in the middle and light items at the top. Cushioning can be added between each layer. The boxes should be filled to the rim and sealed. This way one can stack many boxes one on top of the other without causing damage.

Finally all the removal boxes should be securely taped shut. Tape should not be used sparingly. The bottom of the box should also get securely taped so that it doesn’t give way.

Tobacco Packaging

14 Nov

Tobacco packaging design greatly effects a persons decision as to what brand of cigarettes or cigars they purchase. The packaging is just as much about looking cool as smoking itself is and consumers are constantly swayed by new designs and their favourite colours. These designs however, are all showing versions that appear without the health warnings they have as standard these days.

Source: Lovely Package

Clean white design with different colour options for different types – the products in the range are clearly distinguishable. The standard square box doesn’t go out of it’s way to attract attention of others but is clearly noticeable.



Source: Cargo Collective

Whilst keeping a traditional theme of old cigar packaging throughout – the use of the battered box and gold sleeve. However the face of a man with a mustache is a nod to today’s society as the mustache is a popular culture symbol.

Source: Melncoly

Glamourising cigarettes has been taken to a new level here as the pink and black design appeals mostly to women. The texture of  the packet makes it appear special and individual.



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